Partners & Sponsors Terms and Conditions


An invoice from the Scale Organisation will be sent to the Partner.

General terms payment: 14 natural days from the invoice date

Updated Sponsorship rates available on the event 

Payments are to be made in one single settlement, either by payment link, bank transfer or credit card (please ask the organisation). Split payments or postponed payments will not be permitted. 

The “sponsor package” is only confirmed when the Scale Organisation receives the full payment. To this end, the organisation may require additional documents crediting the payment of the requested amount.

Once payment has been received, the Partner will be entitled to choose their preferred booth space. 


Partners are informed that all individual package inclusions are defined in our ‘Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities’ document, available on the event website 

The Partner must strictly adhere to the document mentioned above and pay particular attention to the duration of the event or events, and the number of exhibitor tickets included (including speakers).

Additional tickets may be purchased, following strict availability rules. Rates and further details are available on the event website 


The organisation will allow cancellations or changes to the sponsorship package previously booked, strictly under the following conditions:

Cancellation by Partner

If the sponsor wishes to cancel the present Agreement, up to 60 days before the event starts, the organisation will refund 50% of the amount paid by the sponsor (including VAT). This forfeits the sponsorship package as well as any other direct and indirect right connected to it (e.g. conference access, speaking opportunities, brand promotion).

For any cancellation made less than 30 days before the event starts, the organisation will retain the full amount paid by the sponsor (including VAT).

Cancellation or Postponement by the Organiser

The organiser reserves the right to change the schedule, postpone or cancel the event. In the event of a decision to postpone the event, the organisers will immediately contact the sponsor with the new date and will agree with the sponsor that the organiser should hold the sponsorship money against a future event.

The organisers reserve the right to relocate the event to another venue without changing the terms of sponsorship.

The sponsor does not have the authority to demand cancellation or schedule changes to the event.

In the event of cancellation with no new date rescheduled, the organisers will return sponsorship money in full.

If the event attracts fewer delegates than anticipated by the organisers, no refund will be given. 

Similarly, if the event attracts more delegates than anticipated by either the organisers or the sponsor, there will be no additional charge incurred by the sponsor.


The sponsor will indemnify, defend, and hold the organiser harmless from and against any claims relating directly or indirectly to or arising out of, content posted on the sponsor’s respective website, use of sponsor materials, or use of sponsor’s logos and trademarks.

The organiser will not be responsible for damage to or loss of property belonging to the sponsor, its employees, contractors, or agents or for personal injury to the sponsor’s employees, contractors, agents, directors, or invitees except to the extent that claims may be solely and directly attributed to wilful misconduct or gross negligence of the organiser and organiser’s employers, directors, or officers.

All items or property that are brought to, displayed at, and removed from, the event venue is at the sponsor’s own risk.

The sponsor shall take out and maintain at all times public liability and employee liability insurance against personal injury or death.

In no event shall either party be liable to the other party for any consequential, incidental, indirect, or punitive damages regardless of whether such liability results from a breach of contract, breach of warranties, tort, strict liability, or otherwise.



The Sponsor will be allowed to choose an exhibitor space from those available as described in our “Booth Setup” document, available on the event website

Material and furniture available are described in the document mentioned above, so the Sponsor is responsible for all other exhibit fixtures and display materials unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All spaces will be assigned on a “first come – first served” basis. Sponsors who do not choose their space by September 1st, 2024, will be assigned one according to current availability.

Exhibitor Set-Up

The Partner understands and accepts that exhibition space setup must be completed following the information provided by the Scale Organization available on the event website

Booth Take Down

The Partner must take down and clear the exhibitor area following the instruction available on the event website

Furthermore, the Partner is fully responsible to collect and ship their materials. Organisation is not responsible for any loss and/or any issues directly and indirectly connected with the materials shipping or transport.

Material Storage

Organisation offers the Partners the opportunity to ship their material for storage ahead of the conference. Please contact the Scale Team at for more information. Subject to availability.


Photographs and video recordings will be made at the event or in the venue, which may include images of the sponsor, its employees, agents, and related merchandise and displays. The sponsor may not hinder, obstruct or interfere in any way with such photography or recordings whether by the organisers, its agents, attendees, or other exhibitors, and hereby consent to the organisers’ use of such recordings for commercial purposes.


The sponsor authorises the organisation and its collaborators to use the sponsor’s name and logos in all conference promotional material, without limitation.

The sponsor’s content will be used by the organiser solely for purposes of the event, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties mentioned in this Agreement.

The organisation reserves the right to authorise the sponsor to use the conference’s logo and name for this and future editions.


Conference attendees have the right, according to the organisation’s privacy policy, to opt out of communication with sponsors. Attendees who do not opt-out will be compiled on an attendee list made available on a limited basis to the Headline Sponsors, Show Sponsors and Light Sponsors only.

A copy of the attendee list will be made available within 7 days of the conference to aid in the Sponsor’s planning and promotion, related to this event only. The attendee list will include the attendee name and company (as provided by the registered buyer) of individuals who have not opted out to share their information. The sponsor shall treat the attendee list as confidential and shall not share the list with any third parties.

A copy of the final attendee list with contact details will be made available 7 days after the conference. The attendee list will include the attendee’s name, email address, company, and the number of units (as provided by the attendee) of individuals who have not opted out to share their information. The sponsor shall treat the attendee list as confidential and shall not share the list with any third parties.

Zero Spam Policy

Please take very strict note of the following:

Attendees’ information is only to be used as a one-time follow-up for any direct conversations you had with individual attendees during the show.

The Partner agrees to never add any attendee data to on-going marketing campaigns.

The Partner agrees to never share this information outside of their organisation.

Contravening any of these rules will prevent the Partner from participating in any future Scale events.


The organiser is not responsible for booking or paying for travel or accommodation on behalf of sponsors. Please reach out to the event organisation to check if there are accommodation partnerships or special discounts available.


Speaking opportunities are only guaranteed for the Headline and Breakout Room Sponsors.

The organisation requires that all speaking presentations and panel discussions during the conference must be 100% educational, without any product or sales pitch.

The speaker accepts to send all materials (presentation, slides, etc.) to the organisation team, a maximum of 30 days before the conference and authorises the organiser to publish and share any slides after the event.


By signing this document, the Partner agrees to make no modifications to this Agreement. The final Sponsorship Agreement includes but is not limited to package pricing and inclusions.